To the future nursing students – CONGRATS!

Prepare yourself. Nursing school is not like your Anatomy & Physiology course where you come to lecture, memorize & regurgitate the content in your exams hoping to achieve that A. You need to be able to study the material & apply it to the test questions in a way that you as a future nurse would in a real life situations. You will come across those frustrating questions where all the answers may be correct, but what is the priority? or what is the most immediate action? It will be quite the ride, especially for your first semester.

I constructed this blog as a self-memoir of my experiences throughout nursing school as well as a reference for tips, skills & advice that has helped me in academic & clinical competence from my previous semester. I plan to share study-skills, test taking skills, clinical advice, references to other on-campus & textbook resources to supplement your studying for theory classes & my overall general experiences as I progress towards graduation in December 2012. Hopefully you will find this as helpful as I intend for it to be.



5 thoughts on “INTRO

  1. clint gorman says:

    Jibril, this is a kickazz site. I have tried to direct some of the students that go to my si sessions here so u should get some traffickers soon. I stumbled upon the link to this wordpress one day. great layout and design, reviews, advice, tips. ect. keep this one up and running.

  2. Michelle Nguyen says:

    Great name-tag holder. Extraordinarily organized. Keep it up!

  3. catherine says:

    THANK YOU for taking the time to help up ! THis is awesome

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