Get organized!

Before you dive into the sea of information you will encounter your first semester, it may be helpful to organize yourself.

By that I mean seting up a binder with dividers for each of the courses you will be taking this semester. Every course should come with a syllabus & in that syllabus should be a general timeline of the content throughout the semester.


Look for exam dates, clinical assignments & other important information.



Label your dividers based on the number of exams you will have. For example, if you will be having 3 exams, label “Exam I”, “Exam II”, “Exam III”, etc. As you go progress through the semester, any notes you print out or write down will then go under the exam covering it.

Set aside other dividers/tabs for clinical assignments. You will be turning in a lot of them, more specifically Care Plans, Critical Thinking Journals, Evaluations & Teaching Projects. Print out the templates for the CTJs & Care Plans to serve as a reference.

It may also help to assign a particular highlighter color to content under a certain exam. For example, I like to use a blue highlighter for material under exam 1, green for exam 2 and so forth. This way, I’ll be able to retrieve whatever information I need from past exams for a comprehensive final or other purpose.

Set yourself up for success! Maintaining an organized layout of notes & assignments may help to prevent any additional stress later in the semester. With exams & clinicals, finding where your notes should not be an additional problem!

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